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Our vision is to assist the medical professional through facilitation of optimizing the processes of research, continuous medical education with the aim to the achieve the highest standard in healthcare and patient management.

Our mission is to provide structure and deliverables by means of tailored project management and communication models and latest state of the art technologies.

Medical professionals

Well trained and educated medical professionals are the foundation of a quality healthcare system serving the community with improved patient experience and quality of life. The results include improved financial outcomes benefiting patients, hospitals and insurers. The MediSurg e-Portal serves medical societies, their members and health institutions by managing learning media, assessment, accreditation and detailed participants profiles assisting both institutions and individual professionals in the processes of employment, skills and academic recognition.

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Our processes:

To identify

The appropriate delivery models, conferences, on line tutorials, live hands on training events and more.


Working groups

To facilitate working groups.


To seek...

and establish consensus and recognition in curricula, methodology and associated assessment processes.


Stakeholder management

To implement the rigour of program and project management with a focus on stakeholder management


Student activity

The recording and registration of student activity


Funding models

The design of educational models and associated funding models




New! Exclusive easy to use but highly effective online technologies with full facilitation. For more information Click here.

Management team:

Ria Palmen: Director
Fred Meyer: Director
Linda van Zantvoort: Planning & Coordination