Just to consider.

Just to consider.

World population 7.8 Billion.

With the start of the new millennium we had 6.115 Billion people on this planet, which means a growth factor of 1.686 billion in the last 20 years.

Just to consider.

On reflection of the above stated fact and, as I am writing blogs, it appears that it is difficult to come up with something that has not been considered before

This brings me to coin the concept of collective awareness, knowledge, and access to it, as a point of interest.

Since the onset of the 20th century much has been written on matters of goal setting, achievement, visualization, affirmations, the law of attraction and so forth.

Now most of this is becoming common knowledge and part of the current professional jargon on all levels.

People are applying it, and me too.

No matter what, the concept of wanting to be healthy, financially wealthy and a ‘do-gooder’ becomes slightly surrealistic, considering the resources available to mankind and ongoing complexities on our wonderful planet Earth.

A human life is relatively short and whatever is being remembered going down in history, often is grossly incorrect and mis represents the truth of what an individual actually has achieved.

This could argue the point that the remembrance of famous individuals from the past, and what they stood for, is more a result of initiatives driven by a collective wave of thinking at a given time and place.

Perhaps it is satisfying to know that we don’t have to be superman and simply consider that our contribution to creation and society does really matter and makes life worth living.

For ESC as an organization the project we drive with a passion entails improving educational processes for health professionals, ensuring that the quality and quantity of their work is the result of best practice education, training and credible assessment.

This gives them, and the patients, the security that the performance is to the optimal standard, allowing for the ability (and mind space) to face, and deal with the many unforeseen challenges and inevitable complications, which are often not directly under their control.