Ria Palmen

Ria Palmen


I have always had a passion in organizing and ensuring that everything functions well.

I started my career in the management team of a surgical department where I was approached to assist with establishing a Society for surgeons specialized in the field of minimal invasive surgery.
Initially as a partime job, but soon it was obvious that it needed my full time attention. As such the Society was called to life starting from a little office in my house.

Currently the Society has over 3000 members, a highly respected Journal, a successful annual Congress and various committees with hard working professionals setting new milestones in research, training education, publishing and membership engagement etc.

I have always valued and enjoyed working with talented people and organizing their affairs in such way that their talents will bloom and grow further. As such the Surgical Society has provided me with all the challenges I could ever want. In the mean time I have also become part owner in a small management firm that manages medical initiatives such as societies, training education and research.

The future is bright with opportunity as the world is changing rapidly and people have to conform including Medical Societies.

It is my job and joy to make this happen.