A happy balance in regulations

A happy balance in regulations

When operating in a large multi country environment such as Europe, we find that often anything goes without too many questions, however, to create a consensus in terms of procedures, benchmarking and setting standards appears to be increasingly difficult.

On the other hand, in a single country, we find that things are often overregulated in as much that it nearly is impossible to improve the situation without an overwhelming amount of red tape and resistance from many angles and parties.

For specialized medical training and education, it means that standards in assessment of competence can be different depending on who you ask.

So, what to do?

In the research and facilitation of quality learning and communication, it is important to reach out to a wide variety of stakeholders for input and feedback on a regular basis to maintain best practice.

Keep a clear record, perform regular audits, report to all relevant stakeholders and, most importantly, insist on feedback. These are some of the things that need to be done.

Current technologies are a great help to automate some of the processes once there is consensus, nevertheless we are a long way yet from AI running the show and regulation is than all that is left.

Finding a happy balance in regulation will result in improvement across all fronts. Let’s see what the future brings.