Continuous Education in Healthcare is the key.

Continuous Education in Healthcare is the key.

Offering healthcare professionals high-quality continuous education means leveraging excellence in performance.

The healthcare industry is demonstrating high growth rates in both developing and developed regions around the world. It is predicted that the healthcare and social assistance sector will grow at an annual rate of 2.6%, adding five million jobs. But will the people filling these vacancies be the highly skilled and motivated staff members the healthcare sector is longing for so urgently? According to a PWC survey, healthcare CEOs see lack of skilled staff as one of their top five key risks.

Continuous Medical Education (CME) stands alone with challenges such as work overwhelm, fatigue and costs.

The MediSurg Platform includes technologies, simulation and manages facilitation, content, assessment and engagement processes as a solution and service.

It offers preparatory education for medical specialists such as surgeons, OR Assistants, nurses with other disciplines to follow. For more information go to MediSurg Learning.