Controlled chaos

Controlled chaos

With our current digital Information highway, overload can be a challenge at the best of times. Credibility is often a matter of opinion which can be a good or a not so good thing.

No doubt some major decisions in the past have had disastrous consequences due to lack of perspective, input and ‘so called bias credibility’ of the information applied, as the technology failed to allow others to question, critique and give quality feedback.

On the other hand less choice often made a case for fast decision making and associated progress, whatever the outcome.

In 2020 the information highway offers the individual many ways forward, each with a convincing message that it is the best way, however, when digging deep enough, one will also find well-argued reasons to the contrary.

This can lead to confusion, indecision, doubt and no action-stagnation which then can result in fear and symptomatic anxiety. In the learning process we now see similar developments. With a plethora of online learning providers and processes beckoning, we now have to develop the discernment required to arrive at what is the most optimal step(s) to take.

The concept of observation and awareness that one is observed, is a cute concept in the quantum theory and a thought as to how to manage ourselves in order to create order out of chaos.

In the medical sector there are many considerations, the patient, the workplace, ourselves, the community and best practice to think just of a few.

Learning is the process where knowledge and experience meet to chart the next steps and the possible future. It is of great importance to support and offer the best methods and associated facilitation to all medical professionals, to train, to learn and re-educate for best outcomes for all.