Continuous Medical Education, E-Learning and training

Continuous Medical Education (CME), Learning, Training facilitation and Technologies as a Service.

Creating  learning platforms for Professionals, Society and Industry with a focus on healthcare.

Giving back through learning, education and training is easier said then done.

To consolidate activities, assess the requirements, engage with others, form committees and groups to reach consensus on the standards, delivery and trajectory. Then sourcing and collating the media, designing the programs, engage faculty and manage stakeholders, design the assessment methodology, find and manage the right technologies, do the logistics , promote, administrate and finally deliver, then close.

Then do it all over again and, oh yes, there is your normal job as well to do.

So let us help with the heavy lifting.

The team at ESC delivers on the above through innovations such as:


1.  Captures all content from live events, recordings and presentations in the library with a Unique Search and build ™ indexing method.
2.  On line tutorials using brand new and unique on line media collaboration tools
3.  Secure on line storage of Student material and subsequent assesment information.
4.  Staged on line examination resulting in potential (EU) CME accreditation Certificate.
5.  Chat room – message board with prescribed protocols.
6.  One on one Mentor Mentee facility.
7.  Latest technologies.

Application, implementation and technology as a service

1. Discipline specific training and educational programs.
2. Simulation technology
3. Proctoring programs
4. Organization, m
arketing and promotion



More specifically the services of:

  1. e-Portal design and facilitation including program architecture.
  2. Sourcing of sponsors, institutions, interest groups and stakeholders.
  3. Establish working agreement and protocol between institution, stakeholders and sponsors
  4. Verify desired outcomes and goals.
  5. Financial budget and resource management.
  6. Sourcing for speakers, trainers and tutors
  7. Audio visual and e-learning  technology
  8. Logistics, communication and administrative facilitation.
  9. Secretariat
  10. Accreditation processes.

The following formats:

  1. Courses conducted on location with audio/ video link up and on line collaboration at the appropriate location.
  2. ‘Hands on’ workshops including video live demonstration and facilitation by experts worldwide.
  3. Linking of work groups and sharing collaboration on line with video/audio link up with experts worldwide.
  4. Virtual collaboration and audio teleconference link up
  5.  Courses.

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