Everyone and everything matter

Everyone and everything matter

Listening to scientific medical data being presented gives time to wonder how to put it all together.

It appears that no matter how relevant a particular intervention, either surgical, or through pharmaceutical treatment, or a major change in lifestyle can be, there are always ongoing complexities.

This makes a case for the role of our brain and mindset in any treatment, which makes a difficult facet to be measured in any human trial, simply because everyone is different and there is no one size fits all.

Looking at the full spectrum of medications that are on offer, there are few, most likely none, that are completely understood as to how the human body will respond to it.

With new and often unconventional medication coming online, such as medical cannabis and psychedelic substances, we find that some patients like to understand more as it gives them the control in what happens with their bodies.

It argues the case for a more mindful approach to the condition a patient presents with, and the importance of education, monitoring and therapy as part of any treatment.

This responsibility not only lies with the physician but with the patient as well. It shows again the ongoing need of learning in the management of our lives, our physical and mental wellbeing and the management of disease.