Evidence attendance qualifications versus competence

Evidence attendance qualifications versus competence

Certification covers a spectrum of education, training courses, tertiary and post graduate degrees and diplomas.

We assume that when a certificate is issued the holder is competent in whatever the certificate is about.  This may very well not be the case.

Certificates are issued for a number of reasons such as to mark attendance at a course or event, completion of a programme or achievement of specified criteria, such as a pass mark in assessments.

Certification means qualification by education or training; this does not necessarily indicate that the person is competent.  Competence means successful demonstration of all competencies in the qualification topic (s).

There is no guarantee that the participant will have all the relevant knowledge, is able to demonstrate skills, apply knowledge and skill appropriately in a different context from the training environment.

In healthcare –continuing medical education (CME), credit points are often required on an annual basis, to remain in practice, however attendance only does not guarantee competence.

Then there is the matter of re accreditation as knowledge is not retained, has changed which means the competency check is expired.

So comprehensive knowledge and skills retention and associated assessment are major considerations within the MediSurg Learning model. Stand by for further elaboration on these topics in next week blog.