Good communication strategy – pandemic

Good communication strategy – pandemic

With the pandemic upon us, we, as a society, are more than ever committed to use existing online technologies.

The appeal of face to face engagement will always be there in comparison with online channels, however with social distancing, working from home and in the virtual workspace there is no choice but to engage using online technologies

Similar as to emails versus faxes and standard mail, online communication media such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeetings and WebEx sometimes fail to deliver that personal touch which so often makes all the difference.

As such, if we like it or not, the balance is shifting, and we realize that we can make changes in our structures of engagement in all facets of our community workplaces and possibly socially as well.

Specifically, when it comes to our work, the managing of projects, events, meetings, educational and training initiatives, we can strike a healthy balance in online and face to face communications.

And so there it is, you may have already heard it all before.

It is not so much the technologies but the methodologies and solutions that matter including a holistic approach, instead of simply replacing one medium with the other.

It is all about a good communication strategy.