Homo Sapiens

Homo Sapiens

With the current news, opinions and the sharing of ongoing information on line, way may concede that Homo Sapiens, as a whole still, has an ever evolving spectrum of opportunities for improvement on many grounds.

From a career and academic aspect what counts is the level of education received, how many times a name is being mentioned in research and subsequent publications. How many times one has been invited to give a presentation at conferences and educational events.

There are many who work hard in delivering best practice in healthcare, who regularly engage in further professional development and associated assessment to ensure that the translation from knowledge and skills is being implemented.

The pressure is unrelenting, the Society needs good healthcare and is ready to commit the necessary resources to enable professionals to do just that.

The importance of aligning all the stakeholders and interest groups is the oil that keeps the wheels moving which at times can be an unforgiving activity when and where there are political and personal agenda points at stake.

Today’s turbulent world does expose a crucial need within our communities to consider the embarrassing truths in terms of our often lack in human and considerate conduct, in whatever form.

These are limiting factors that we have grown to accept as normal in our daily lives. Perhaps for us to pause and consider what happens around us and how that feels, would be a worthwhile step forward

Nevertheless every day the sun goes up and is a new beginning to all things wonderful which keep us alive and kicking.