Learning 6.0

Learning 6.0

Learning is an ongoing process of communication in the widest sense of the word, it is what mankind does and how we evolve.

I thought, why not share a few thoughts on this ever-fascinating topic in the context of ongoing professional development.

So, when I do an online search for learning 2.0, I found that we are already as far as 6.0. Obviously I am behind.

So, I skimmed over 3.0, 4.0. 5.0 and now 6.0. I did not have the courage to do 7.0.

With the technologies available it appears that methodology and standards are the reoccurring aspects for consideration.

The current available media and associated opinions as to what is most up to date and required, makes it a tough job to identify what is relevant.

Whilst learning is specific to the various occupational sectors, we cannot get away from the following 7 pillars of learning which apply to all.

  1. Motivation and ability/eligibility to learn.
  2. Up to date and peer reviewed material.
  3. Consensus and public perspectives of what is important to know and practice.
  4. Time friendly and financially attractive delivery modalities
  5. Practical experience.
  6. Self-assessment and assessment by other parties such as key experts-educators in the field.
  7. Recognized certification and re certification where its relevant.

So, we may talk about machine learning, applied education, knowledge retention and more, it is important to keep these fundamentals clear in mind.

When developing programs these 7 are a template that can be followed as we engage the various stakeholders.

This keeping in mind that most stakeholders have access to plenty of information and often represent both the learner and the expert trainer at the same time.

In conclusion, trainers need to be trained with these important considerations in mind.