Successful educational initiatives

Successful educational initiatives

Successful educational initiatives are those where faculty and participants are engaged, and they collaborate and trust one another, working together effectively towards optimal educational outcomes.

However, building trust and developing collaboration remotely and across borders of culture, language, organisation, time zones, and generations, can be a challenge.

Furthermore, in the medical world there are a plethora of challenging conditions with the many hours worked, stressful workplace conditions and the constant pressure to deliver the required outcomes. Obviously, outcomes are only as good as the level of knowledge and training received beforehand.

A consideration could be how much non-clinical skills are needed to either be on the receiving or delivering side of ongoing medical education.

It hardly seems realistic to be proficient at everything.

You cannot do everything and there are those out there with the expertise, a creative approach and in-depth knowledge to help, and a refreshing outsider’s perspective.

In these asymmetric situations, it is unlikely that one is going to outsmart those who have seen and done it all before. It is unlikely to outlast them either.

It pays to focus on what you are good at and engage with professionals to assist with the essential skills required to deliver the medical expertise and valuable content to the deserving health experts of the future.