There is an enormous amount of technology available far exceeding the current requirements and customer capability.

In a world where we worry about Artificial Intelligence taking work away from humans could be a misrepresentation of the facts.

If we consider some of the data presented by futurist Michio Kaku in his book the Future of the mind we are a long way from even getting near the replication of the human brain. Currently evidence suggests that to even to map data from the brain of a fruit fly may require a million gigabytes a day. That excludes any functionalities.

As such it is clear, that whilst moving from industrial to IT driven models, there remains an overwhelming need for human guidance and input.

This is also evident in the application of online learning technologies. Whilst we do have access to massive amounts of data and some minor functionalities, fact is that the design and driving of educational processes including assessment and accreditation require resources that no technology can offer.

So we can relax, there is loads of work to do, no need for unemployment or poverty.

We need to change the paradigm in how people can be engaged in the processes of our society as they emerge.

Every human is entitled to work, earn a keep, feel needed and respected and help mankind to prosper and flourish.

In ESC we use technologies, but our pride lies in how we find new ways and methods, work with groups, committees and individuals to raise the standard in Healthcare education for the benefit of the patients, the provider, the industry and the community in general.