The foregone conclusion

The foregone conclusion

When life manifests the various challenges in life, it can sometimes become a little onerous as to managing focus and stay persistent in keeping the show on the road.

In learning, as a means of adding to our skill sets, we find at times that the combination of what we experience and what is being presented to us in the various learning modalities,  we arrive at conclusions that at times form a barrier to progress.

Such situation may also be recognized as the formation of a disempowering belief which often leads to doubt, indecision and, in extreme circumstances, fear.

This argues the case for keeping an open mind and regularly engage with a mentor, or even a good friend to review the processes of personal and professional development alongside experiences in the workplace and society as a whole.

In healthcare, either mental or physical, often we find that, to our relief, our expectations of doom and gloom with patients are proven wrong and full recovery eminent.

It is not just about being optimistic but taking a positive and always progressive attitude towards any goals you may have for yourself or your patients.

The trick is to make the goal or aim you have, the best outcome for all parties concerned. You do what you can, and the rest will be delivered in its own time.

So, the message is to be the architect of the outcomes you want, and not the foregone conclusions you may have reached due to past learning and experiences.

Give life a chance.