We are here to plan and design your learning strategy, to prepare and implement and finally to monitor progress.

See our processes further down the page.

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Education, E-Learning, and Training Management | Congresses, Meetings and Project Management

Our vision is to assist the medical professional by facilitating affordable and accessible continuous medical education, with the aim to the achieve the highest standard in healthcare and patient management.

We design and provide the structure for online events, suitable learning pathways, associated funding models and the delivery mechanisms required. This includes the use of technologies required for online learning including content capture, and assessment methodologies as a service to the professional medical sector.

      • e-Portals and associated technologies.
      • Online tutorials
      • Qstream knowledge retention and assessment
      • Online assessment processes
      • Online learning media with intelligent search engine capability
      • Certification processes.
      • Live online conferences and congresses

Our mission is the development and promotion of products and services that work to engage the professional and medical community by means of effective education and assessment methodologies. This is achieved in the facilitation of best-practice methodologies, delivered in sync with current lifestyle expectations and training models.

Medical professionals

Well trained and educated medical professionals are the foundation of a quality healthcare system serving the community with improved patient experience and quality of life. The results include improved financial outcomes benefiting patients, hospitals and insurers. The MediSurg e-Portal serves medical societies, their members and health institutions by managing learning media, assessment, accreditation and detailed participants profiles assisting both institutions and individual professionals in the processes of employment, skills and academic recognition.

Our processes:

Informed Decision-Making in Alignment with Organisational Goals

Discuss, research, and evaluate your organization’s current learning programs, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.
Define and draft a short to mid-term strategy.
Prepare a draft budget, and document the data required to make a business
The business case.


Project Preparation

Collect and consolidate all current learning assets such as content,
stakeholders, initiatives, current activities events life and virtual, marketing, and
Identify relevant stakeholders and prepare an overview.
Prepare a project structure, proposal and schedule.
Agree on resources, technologies and skills required.
Prepare an operational budget.


To seek...

and establish consensus and recognition in curricula, methodology and associated assessment processes.


Project Implementation

Meet with stakeholders, program committees, faculty, delegates, and students.
Scope the deliverables, both virtual, live or hybrid such as conferences,
workshops, hands on training, online learning modalities, assessments, and
Reach consent as to structure format and execution of the deliverables.
Design and management of the content pipeline including author speaker
support, approval and submission processes of e-Posters, Video on demand,
web casts, ppt. presentations and Pdf copy.
Design of the Platform both visually and functionally.
Communication and promotional schedule.
Copy writing and platform population.


Progress Monitoring

Operational management
Budget and performance alert.
Service and support
Evaluation and Review at every stage


Funding models

The design of educational initiatives and associated funding models



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Fred Meyer: Director